General Information

Should you choose to register your child in the Barracuda’s Swim Club, you will need to choose one of the following two paths: competitive or non-competitive.

All swimmers are trained equally, whether choosing the competitive or non-competitive route.


Time: two to four days per week depending on the swimmer’s choice. (M T W Th)

Your child will be eligible to attend several swim meets sanctioned by Swim Alberta and race against children from other clubs in Alberta. Race times are kept on record with Swim Alberta.

As a competitive club, we offer special incentives for those who choose to give their competitive side a try. For the 2010-11 swim club year, the Barracuda’s Swim Club is covering all the registration costs for entering each swim meet and is giving competitive swimmers the same club registration rate as non-competitive swimmers.

There is no age restriction for competitive swimming but it is recommended that your child can swim at least one length of the pool.The majority of competitive swim meets are one day (Saturday) swim Alberta events are in Edmonton or around the Lakeland area.


Time: two days per week. Mon/Wed OR Tues/ Thurs

Non-competitive means that your child will NOT enter in swim meets sanctioned by Swim Alberta.

Your child may participate in the Barracuda Club mini-meets in which he/she will race against other children in our club. Their best-times will be kept in our club records but will not be sent into Swim Alberta. All children are welcome and encouraged to participate regardless of age or ability.

Throughout the year, we have fun events during regular swim club times, as well as a few competitive meets (4 or 5) over the course of the swim club season for competitive swimmers.


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