Rules and Regulations

Rules and Policies 2014-2015

Please read carefully!

  1. Uniform- swimmers need to have a swim suit, goggles, and swim caps are optional. (No cotton swimsuits, T-shirts or shorts will be allowed.)Long hair must be tied back at all times
  2. There is no adult supervision before or after Barracuda’s. Parents please be aware of this. You are responsible for the behavior of your children, not the pool staff.
  3. Placement in a level will be at the discretion of the coaches. Parents are free to consult privately with the coach regarding the progress of their child.
  4. It is requested that parents notify the club immediately should the child’s address or phone number change.
  5. Parents are requested to read the bulletin board regarding updates and Barracuda’s news.
  6. There is a $25.00 Fee on all NSF cheques. Two NSF cheques in the Swim Season will result in termination of membership.
  7. For competitive swimmers, a swimmer will not be allowed to attend a swim meet unless the swimmer has attended at least 50% of the scheduled practices
  8. Refund Policy-     a.Registration fees are non-refundable b. should there be extenuating circumstances; the executive must be notified in writing of the circumstances before a refund will be considered c. Any refund or adjustment to membership fees and bingo commitments is at the sole and complete discretion of the executive
  9. Parents are expected to assist with mini-meets, other meets, fun swims and any other events as requested by the club. This is considered part of your volunteer service. For each child registered with the Barracuda’s a parent is required to fill a minimum of One (1) volunteer position and sign up for ONE (1) Bingo per family, NO EXCEPTIONS (if a family is unable to work a Bingo, it is their responsibility to find a replacement and inform the Bingo Coordinator accordingly). At registration parents will be required to sign up for their volunteer positions. Your child’s registration will NOT be accepted until all necessary forms and volunteer positions have been filled. It is responsibility to know when you are scheduled to work. Please mark your calendars and visit the Barracuda’s bulletin at the pool for updated information.
  10. Swim-a-thon commitment – All swimmers (except squirts) are required to participate in the annual Swim-a-thon on Tuesday January 27th, 2015  (tentative). Swimmers swim for 2 hours from 4-6pm. Fundraising and more details will be included in an upcoming newsletter. Please note that tax receipts will be given for amounts of $10 and over, HOWEVER parents/guardians may not receive tax receipts (directly or indirectly).
  11. Discipline Policy – Behavioral issues will be brought to parent(s)/guardian(s) attention in person following practice or by phone. If removed from practice, swimmers will be sent home with a Disciplinary Notice. Parents/guardians need to ensure that Disciplinary Notices are signed and returned to the coach before the swimmer returns to regular team activities. Adherence to code of conduct, practice expectations, and swim meet expectations is required. If a swimmer or parent/guardian violates any specific rule or behaves inappropriately in the course of the practice or attending a competition, disciplinary action may result. Examples of disciplinary actions may include but are not limited to: verbal warnings, written warnings, loss of privileges, suspension, and/or removal from the team. A 2nd disciplinary action will result in removal from the club with no refund.
  12. Parents please make every effort to get swimmers to practices on time. If your child will be absent for a practice please notify his/her coach.
  13. Parents please talk to the coach after practice or request a phone call if there are questions or concerns. If you would like to escalate concerns, please put concern in writing and hand to president or head coach.
  14. Treat all facilities, facility staff, coaches, athletes, and parents/guardians with respect at all times.
  15. Let the coaching team deal with any behavioral issues during practices. If parent’s/guardian’s assistance is required, the coaching team will request it. Any problems will be dealt with according to the team’s Discipline Policy.
  16. For competitive swimmers, it is not the club's responsibility to provide travel accommodations to and from swim meets.  Each athlete and paren/guardian must make their own travel arrangements.


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